Children's Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

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A dental home your children will love

At Sensational Smiles on Phillips Avenue, we understand the importance of establishing a dental home for your children. Having a trusted dental home means having a comfortable and familiar environment where your little ones learn healthy habits and enjoy positive dental experiences. Our team is dedicated to building positive relationships with our young patients and providing your family with information and education to maintain healthy smiles.

We start taking digital X-rays at routine checkups once your child is around 3 or 4. Digital X-rays are safe, quick, and easy. They allow us to see between the teeth to check for cavities and monitor your child’s oral health and development over time.

As a parent, if you ever have any questions about our pediatric dental services, please reach out to us and we will gladly provide you with more information.

Laying the foundation for a healthy smile

Preventive Treatments for Kids

We have a strong focus on preventive dental care at Sensational Smiles. Preventive treatments will help protect your children’s teeth against cavities and gums against inflammation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our comprehensive preventive care services include regular professional dental cleanings, where our skilled hygienists will remove any plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth. We’ll also provide guidance on effective at-home hygiene routines. Our team enjoys equipping both you and your children with the knowledge and tools you need to maintain optimal oral health.

We emphasize the importance of keeping baby teeth healthy as they play a crucial role in speech development and proper tooth alignment. Additionally, we use fluoride varnish, fluoride foam, dental sealants, and silver diamine fluoride treatments to protect your child’s teeth against decay.

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Dr. Feiock with pediatric patient in exam room

An easy alternative to fillings

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride is a topical solution that acts as a great alternative to traditional fillings, particularly in cases where cavities have started to develop between back baby teeth. It stops the decay and prevents it from spreading, but it also helps remineralize the enamel to protect the tooth in the future. Silver diamine fluoride treatment is completely noninvasive, meaning we won’t have to numb your child or remove any of their tooth structure.

Our dental services for children will:




Fixing cavities with invisible restorations

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our team frequently uses tooth-colored fillings in children as they blend seamlessly with their natural teeth. They offer a discreet and effective solution for cavities without affecting the look of your child’s smile. Your child’s dentist will carefully bond the filling material in place while keeping your child calm and comfortable. Once placed, the filling will help protect your child’s tooth so they can avoid further treatment.

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Corrects minor chips & discoloration

Dental Bonding

If your child has some minor smile imperfections, such as discoloration, chips, or cracks, our team can fix it with dental bonding. This is a minimally invasive treatment where your child’s dentist bonds tooth-colored composite resin to the teeth. Then they shape and polish the material so that it looks like natural enamel and enhances the overall appearance of your child’s smile. Dental bonding is a fast and cost-effective solution that yields excellent results.

assistant showing pediatric patient how to brush teeth using stuffed alligator

Treating decay to avoid an extraction


When decay reaches the inner pulp of a baby tooth, your child may experience significant pain. In this case, a pulpotomy is necessary to remove the infected tissue and save the tooth. First, your child’s dentist will remove the infected pulp and disinfect the area. Then they will place a protective material to seal the area and prevent further issues. At Sensational Smiles, we prioritize your child’s comfort. Our team is experienced in working with children, and we use gentle techniques so your child can receive treatment comfortably.

Durable restorations for kids

Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

The Sensational Smiles team may recommend a stainless steel dental crown for your child if they have a baby tooth that has extensive decay or severe damage. Stainless steel is an exceptionally strong material that offers optimal strength and stability to protect the tooth. If your child needs a crown, their dentist will carefully prepare the tooth and cement the crown in place. We will adjust your child’s crown as needed to ensure a perfect fit.

Gentle and safe tooth removal


At Sensational Smiles, we understand that even the thought of a tooth extraction may be daunting to children. Whether your child needs an extraction due to crowding issues, severe decay, or dental trauma, our compassionate team is here to gently remove the tooth and keep your child comfortable in the process. Your child’s dentist will administer local anesthesia first to completely numb the area and prevent discomfort. Once the tooth is out, our team will provide aftercare instructions for a speedy recovery.

Ensure optimal comfort for your child

Sedation Dentistry

Sensational Smiles offers sedation dentistry to ensure optimal comfort for your child during their dental treatment. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective method to help them relax during treatment. In-hospital sedation is also available for kids with medical conditions or severe anxiety who need longer procedures. Our experienced team works with a team of pediatric anesthesiologists in these cases. Our priority is to provide your child with the highest level of care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Prioritizing safety and preventing injury

Sports Mouth Guards

If you want to prioritize the safety of your child’s teeth, consider a custom-made sports mouth guard. We create mouth guards that provide superior protection and a comfortable fit. Our team will take digital impressions so that we have highly accurate measurements and can make sure that the mouth guard will do its job properly to prevent major dental injuries. Mouth guards are a way that your child can safely enjoy contact sports.

Prevent complex dental issues

Orthodontic Evaluations

Sensational Smiles recommends that children have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7. These evaluations are essential to identify and address potential alignment or bite issues in children early in life. At an orthodontic evaluation, your child’s dentist will look for any developing problems and recommend suitable interventions. By addressing orthodontic concerns early on, you will help your child avoid the need for more invasive dental treatments in the future.

Early intervention for optimal alignment.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics is a specialized approach aimed at addressing orthodontic issues early in a child’s life. By identifying and treating potential problems as soon as they arise, we can help guide dental development and prevent more complex orthodontic issues for your child in the future.

One common treatment used in interceptive orthodontics is space maintainers. These devices hold space for permanent teeth when a child loses baby teeth prematurely. In doing so, space maintainers ensure that permanent teeth can erupt properly into the correct positions. In some cases, we may recommend braces as part of interceptive orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth, crowding, or bite issues.

Releasing tongue-ties and lip-ties


Sensational Smiles performs frenectomies to treat tongue-ties and lip-ties. Typically, these are conditions diagnosed in infancy, usually when a baby has difficulty latching or feeding. Performing a frenectomy involves releasing the thick or tight tissue restricting movement inside the mouth. Failure to treat a tongue-tie or lip-tie can lead to digestive issues and speech difficulties as they get older.

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Children's Dentistry

Each case is different. Invisalign can be a shorter treatment option, but generally the two treatments span about the same amount of time.

White/composite fillings are superior to silver fillings in several ways. First, a composite filling allows us to remove less tooth structure because the composite material bonds to the tooth. Silver fillings must be wedged into place. Second, a white/composite fillings bond and seal tooth structure thus decreasing the risk of breaking tooth structure in the future. Finally, white/composite fillings are tooth colored and prevent the dark/grey look associated with sliver fillings.

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My son and I had a cleaning with Haley. She did an amazing job at making sure we were comfortable and let us know step by step of what she was doing. She is very thorough and was honestly the most relaxing cleaning I have ever had!